SSPT Spring Meeting

"Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacology and Toxicology"

18th of April 2024, Bern

, Traber Martin

IFAPP Ambassadors - new initiative

A couple of months ago, you were kind enough to participate in a survey initiated by IFAPP/ IFAPP Academy. We are happy to share with you today the key-outcome of this survey (IFAPP Survey 2019 presentation final.pdf), that have been presented and discussed during a recent IFAPP EU meeting.

You, together with another 90 EU-based National Association Members, also volunteered to dedicate a part of your available time to further support our federation development . On behalf of IFAPP Leadership team, we want to express our gratitude for this valuable commitment.

Hence, it has been decided during our recent IFAPP meeting, with the full backing of the Chairs of the EU National Associations who participated in this Athens conference, to support the development of a new group that will be called "IFAPP Ambassadors". 

With this in mind, we would be grateful if you share with us on the form (IFAPP AMBASSADOR REGISTRATION FORM.docx) your personal details, areas of interest, availability and how you would be willing to support IFAPP development. Please send the form back to our secretariat at

Thanking you again and looking forward to hearing back from you,
Kindest regards, 

Francois-Xavier Frapaise MD
on behalf of the IFAPP Communication Working